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YoYoFactory® was founded in 2003 by USA based International Yo-Yo superstar YoHans (Hans Van Dan Elzen). His focus was on creating unique patented technology that would actually make playing with a Yo-Yo a more enjoyable experience. Today, YoYoFactory® designs and manufactures the worlds best performing Yo-Yos for professional players, World Record holders, National and World Champions. YoYoFactory® also makes the best Yo-Yos for kids on the corner trading tricks, the player who knows just enough moves to impress their friends, or even that uncle who ‘used to be a champion. Whatever the status, YoYoFactory® has the Yo-Yo to suit every skill or style. The New #1 in Yo-Yo, Undeniable.   

Yoyofactory is a registered Trademark of Rapid Plastics Inc. an Arizona Corporation

Jaishree Exports

Jaishree Exports is one of the official importers & distributor of Yoyofactory Products in India and based in Gurgaon (Haryana). The website “https://yoyofactory.in” is managed by Jaishree Exports. The firm was established in 1991 and is a Government of India recognised Star Export House.



Anuj Dawar (35) is a MBA (IILM Gurgaon) & BSc. Management (LSE, UK) has been instrumental in starting relationship with Yoyofactory and bringing Yoyofactory Products to India. He has total work experience of over 12 years of which and has previously worked with KPMG as Senior Research Analyst.


Anirudh Dawar (38) is a MBA (SIIB) & BSc. Management (LSE, UK) managed the online Yoyofactory online. He has a total work experience of over 14 years and has previously worked with HDFC Bank Ltd (one of India’s Premier Bank’s) for over 13 years in the Corporate Banking Vertical.


Year/MonthNo of Orders ReceivedNo of Orders FulfilledNo of Orders Refunded
Jan – Dec 20217437412
Jan – Nov 2022117611688
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