EMI facility

Yoyofactory India uses Payment Gateway provided by Cashfree Payments. You can avail EMIs on payment by credit card from the bank mentioned on the right for tenures 3-24 months.

Prevailing interest rates on the card EMI  (updated as of 30th June 2022)

 Name of the ProviderNo. of MonthsInterest
 Standard Chartered Credit Card311.88 %
 Standard Chartered Credit Card613 %
 Standard Chartered Credit Card914 %
 Standard Chartered Credit Card1214 %
 ICICI Bank Credit Card313 %
 ICICI Bank Credit Card613 %
 ICICI Bank Credit Card913 %
 ICICI Bank Credit Card1213 %
 ICICI Bank Credit Card1815 %
 ICICI Bank Credit Card2415 %
 Kotak Bank Credit Card312 %
 Kotak Bank Credit Card612 %
 Kotak Bank Credit Card914 %
 Kotak Bank Credit Card1214 %
 Kotak Bank Credit Card1815 %
 Kotak Bank Credit Card2415 %
 HDFC Bank Credit Card315 %
 HDFC Bank Credit Card615 %
 HDFC Bank Credit Card915 %
 HDFC Bank Credit Card1215 %
 Bank of Baroda313 %
 Bank of Baroda613 %
 Bank of Baroda913 %
 Bank of Baroda1213 %
 Bank of Baroda1815 %
 Bank of Baroda2415 %
 Bank of Baroda3615 %
 RBL Bank313 %
 RBL Bank614 %
 RBL Bank915 %
 RBL Bank1215 %
 RBL Bank1815 %
 RBL Bank2415 %
 Axis Bank313 %
 Axis Bank613 %
 Axis Bank914 %
 Axis Bank1214 %
 Axis Bank1815 %
 Axis Bank2415 %
Banks offering EMI on Credit Card
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