How to fix a broken yoyo

It can happen that the yoyo does not spin, returns when it does not or does not just work as it should.

First you need to find out if you have a suitable yoyo, we recommend the yoyo that we sell at our e-shop. If you have the right yoyo but it still doesn’t work, the string, the bearing, and / or the pads may be to blame.

1. String – First checks to see if there is a knot on the string or on the bearing. It may need to be untangled. The string can also get between the bearing and the yoyo, in which case it is necessary to unscrew the yoyo, pull out the string, screw in the yoyo and then put the string back on.

2. The problem is most often in the bearing. Some dirt, dust or dirt can get into the bearing and the yoyo will not behave as it should. It will therefore need to be cleaned. Don’t worry, this is a completely normal thing and sooner or later it will happen with most bearings. We recommend watching this video to clean the bearing .

3. Pads (rubber rings next to the bearing) may also be to blame, causing the yoyo to return and spin. Once in a while (2-3 months of yo-yoing) the pads need to be replaced. Just find out which fits your yoya (in most cases these are narrow YYF pads) and stick them as a sticker instead of the old ones.

If none of these steps helped, contact us by email and we will advise you.

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