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Spinstar YoYo. Classic design with LEDs lights. Great for beginners because it is cheap, easy to play, works great and it’s fun with the lights. Best first Yoyo.

Play all night long with the LED Spinstar!

Beginner friendly light up fun

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YoYoFactory – Spinstar LED

The perfect light-up yo-yo for beginners! Spinstar is a basic yo-yo that looks great no matter how well you play.

The Spinstar is THE beginner model, and this version is loaded with bright LEDs to make you look even cooler (as if it were possible). The bodies are made of clear plastic, so while the yo-yo is spinning it will glow the same color as the logo on the side (Red or Blue).

About the Spinstar
Quite possibly the easiest yo-yo to pick up and start playing for the first time, Spinstar is designed for the beginner in all of us; you don’t have to try to yo-yo, you just do. Even if you never picked one up before, you can discover the joy of yo-yoing immediately. And it’s made by guys who know yo-yo, they’ve been behind a whole mess of champions.

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