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  • Thin Oil is ideal for Long Spin/Low Response Yo-Yos
  • The oil is for ball bearing yoyos. Just apply a couple of drops to the bearing, and your yoyo will spin a lot smoother and longer than before.

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Yoyofactory performance oil is available in two types depending on your style of play!

The Loop/Response performance oil is a high viscosity lubricant that is designed to make yo-yos more responsive. This oil should used to make your “tug responsive” or if you want oil that will make your looping yo-yos perform the best.

The Long Spin performance oil is a low viscosity oil that is intended to maintain unresponsive bearings. If used regularly, YoYoFactory Long Spin oil can actually increase the life of a bearing and help you receive the absolute best performance out of your ball bearing.

Some lube info. Any type of lube on a completely clean spinning bearing will just slightly slow down the bearing. And too much thin lube can really slow it down – so you only want 1-2 small drops when you do use any of it. Bearings will eventually spin completely smooth again once the lube is broken with play. Adding thin lube is actually a good thing as it will increase the overall life span of the bearing – it just needs to be broken in again after being applied.

NOTE: When applying thin lube you only want 1-2 very small drops. If you get thin lube on the response system (silicone pads) it will absorb it and possibly cause it to fall out early.




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