Yoyofactory ONE Yoyo Green (Responsive & Unresponsive Yoyo) for 14+ Years


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  • Note: The Yoyo is for age 14+ years. If given to a child below  age of 14 and it breaks, Yoyofactory India will not be responsible for the same and no request for replacement will be entertained. 
  • The ONE offers a comfortable butterfly shape, a variety of colors to choose from, silicone response, ball bearing, and interchangeable caps!
  • It comes with 2 separate bearings a) responsive b) unresponsive
  • We highly recommend the ONE as an excellent beginners yo-yo that can really take you through the basics. Also a great choice for the advanced player that wants a fun new throw!
  • With an upgraded large (Size C) SPEC bearing, the ONE becomes an unresponsive beast, capable of handling the toughest tricks in the game!
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One from the American company Yoyofactory ONE is an ideal yoyo for beginners. For a low price, it offers a modern shape, great design, a choice of lots of colors and popular silicone pads for the right response. One is responsive (returning to a jerk of the hand) and will easily guide you through the basics of yo-yoing. Once you have mastered the basics, all you have to do is replace the bearing with a wider one and you can throw yourself into advanced tricks. So the huge advantage of One is that you get a modern and universal yoyo that will serve both a complete beginner and an advanced yoyoer.


  • Weight | 58g
  • Diameter | 52.65mm
  • Width | 37.3mm
  • Gap Width | 2.88mm
  • Bearing | CBC Large Half Spec Bearing
  • Response | CBC White Thick Large Bearing Pads


Dimensions 16 × 14 × 7.5 cm



14+ Years

Country of Origin



Jaishree Exports, Khasra No 25/11/1 Village Wazidpur Saboli, Sonepat 131029, Haryana

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

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